Athletic Development

Athletes who are stronger, faster and have a higher repeat sprint ability are less likely to suffer injury in team sports.

Our athletic development program is centered around creating good movers and building strong, powerful and robust athletes who are resilient to the stress and forces that accompany team and individual based sports.

We understand that every athlete is different and that is why we build specialised strength and conditioning programs which are based off a thorough movement and strength-based assessment. Our programs focus on the athlete as a whole and looks to optimise movement patterns, build fitness, strength and power to enable our athletes to perform at the highest levels, whilst minimising their risk of injury.

Our clinicians stay up to date with the latest research and maintain an evidence-based approach to ensure our athletes are always ahead of the game. We incorporate a multidisciplinary approach and work closely with other health professionals to ensure optimal outcomes are met.

When dealing with athletes of all ages we look to develop our athletes in their entirety. Mental strength and wellbeing is just as important as physical strength and our goal is to assess, challenge and improve the way our athletes move, think, train and perform.

Our athletes journey begins with a subjective consultation where we are able to learn about and understand our athlete’s goals, mind set and training profile before undertaking a thorough movement and strength-based assessment, providing the foundation of their program. Our programs seek to correct the athlete’s imbalances, improve movement patterns, build strength and power and challenge athletes by exposing them to different stimulus to create robust, resilient and elite performers.

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