Strength and Conditioning

Individualised strength and conditioning programs are a must for sports performance. We apply strength and conditioning principals based off the latest advancements in sport science to enhance movement quality and increase strength, speed and power. 

Our programs are individually designed and are built to bulletproof your body, focusing on improving weaknesses, increasing your confidence and preventing you from wasting time in the gym with programs that are ineffective and one-size fits all.

We provide structured programs that are built around your training history, movement quality, training loads and goals. Whether an avid gym goer, or a beginner – we want to ensure that you feel comfortable in the gym and are getting the most out of your training sessions. If every training session is not benefiting you, it is wasting your time. Our programming caters for off-feet sessions, field and track based sessions, recovery, team training and monitors fatigue and loading.

A stronger athlete is one who has the capacity to absorb forces and stabilise at speed and in unwanted movement patters, therefore protecting themselves from injury. We help our clients reach their athletic potential and optimise their training.

Our strength and conditioning programs follow micro and meso-cycles and are built around when we need you to be at your peak performance. We use the latest smart phone apps to program workloads and exercises and are regularly re-testing our clients progress to ensure they are on the right track.

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