Northern Beaches
Health & Performance

Northern Beaches Health and Performance offer an elite service in all things Rehabilitation, Health and Sports Performance. We are here to see you through your rehabilitation journey, from the moment of injury, all the way through to a full return to sport, work and beyond.

Northern beaches Health and Performance offer specialist services for the diagnosis, treatment and management of musculoskeletal injuries, chronic pain, chronic health conditions, general health and well being and amateur and elite sports performance. We understand the importance of treating our clients in their entirety, and take a holistic, collaborative and multi disciplinary approach to our clients care, ensuring they are involved and engaged in their own treatment process.

Our clinicians are experts in their fields, who through years of experience have a thorough understanding of the rehabilitation process and the foundations required for success. Not only do rehabilitate injury and chronic conditions, we aim to empower you to take control of your health and provide you with the tools to manage your health long into the future. We focus on the fundamentals of movement, before building strength and power to create resilient, robust athletes who are ready for success.

Meet the team


Director & Exercise Physiologist

Meghan Buhler

Exercise Physiologist

Andrew Higginson

Exercise Physiologist



Millie Scutt


Riley Bodger


Harrison Gregson


Vincent Coue

Massage therapist

Our Facility

Our fully equipped health space enables us to see you through your rehabilitation journey from your diagnosis and early stage rehabilitation all the way through to your return to sport, performance, work, travel and beyond. With fully equipped treatment rooms and a state of the art rehabilitation and performance gym, we have everything you need under the one roof. Our gym is completely closed to the public, meaning this space is available only to be utilized by our clients and their practitioners. Our clinic is both wheelchair accessible, with parallel bars and balance aids as well as a full squat rig with Olympic bars and weight plates – meaning whether you are living with a disability, or you are an elite athlete, we have everything you need to help you reach your goals.

We know the importance of recovery and understand that it plays just as important of a role in performance as strength training and physical preparation. We have everything you need under the one roof, to take your performance and rehabilitation journey to the next level. Our recovery station includes compression boots, rollers, peanuts, massage guns and an assortment of true proteins that increase muscle protein synthesis (repair).