Knee/Hip Program

Our specialised knee/hip program is designed for anyone with a knee or hip injury, particularly those living with osteoarthritis. Our programs are based on your current level of pain and function and are designed to get you back to doing what you love, whether it be improving balance and walking tolerance or returning to sport or other activities you enjoy.

How does it work?

Based on your current knee or hip symptoms, a comprehensive initial assessment is performed to develop a 12-week knee rehab program targeting your weaknesses and maintaining your strengths. To ensure your progress is optimal you will be reassessed every 4 weeks and your exercise program will be adjusted to target strength and muscular endurance deficits to enhance function and lifestyle.

Comprehensive assessments determine your current level of function and assist in setting achievable goals. You will then complete 3 x 4-week blocks of programming designed specifically so you achieve the results you deserve.

Level 1 Foundational Movement

At this level you will be focussing on learning foundational movement patterns and muscular activation to enable you to participate in your day to day activities.

Level 2 Strength and Freedom

In the strength and freedom level you will be increasing strength through range of movement. You are able to do your everyday activities but experience pain or difficulty with stairs, walking, squatting and prolonged postures.

Level 3 Strength and Lifestyle

You are continuing to focus on building strength through range and stairs, walking and squatting are becoming more comfortable. You aspire to return to recreational sports such as tennis, are limited with prolonged walking or hiking and have difficulty playing with the grandchildren.

Level 4 Human Performance

You are able to enjoy recreational activities but want to improve your performance or prevent injury. In this level the focus is on increasing stability in dynamic environments, strength and power for performance.

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